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Testimonials for Root Reflections Reflexology

"I received 4 sessions of reflexology from Karly to help with PTSD.

I can see a huge improvements in symptoms I've been dealing with for years. I feel calmer and I am better able to handle stress. I'm starting to feel normal again. The reflexology is very relaxing as well."

-B. Walker

I did four sessions with Karly for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She created a calming and enjoyable atmosphere from the moment I walked through the door. She explained what she was doing every step of the way. Even after just one session I felt energized and more self aware. Karly has experience with PTSD herself and helped me realize that things that I just thought were part of my personality were actually side effects of PTSD. Over time I was more able to relax, even in between sessions, and cope better with stress. It became easier to focus on completing a single task rather than jumping from one task to another. Thanks so much, Karly!

-M. Stahlecker

I have been receiving foot reflexology from Karly far a year.

She is wonderful! I always have my stress relieved. My headaches go away. My aching feet are soothed. My neck tension goes away. Anything that is bothering me is always helped after a session from Karly. She cares about helping relieve any discomfort I may be experiencing. Please use Karly she is awesome!!

-S. Amberry

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